The final step!

What began as a hobby...

Although I am not a writer, I still enjoy doing it. Think of it as a sort of a diary. I write namely about the things that I experience. Real things, taken from (entrepreneurial) life. So I write about the everyday things that I experience as founder of a sock label. These aren’t always nice things. Fortunately, I know that the road to success never runs straight but barriers have to be taken and setbacks to be dealt with in order to become stronger. In recent years, I have always said that it’s my dream to establish my own sock label and make a living out off it. Own sock label: check! I even tied my own name to it and it doesn’t get any better. I can’t really live off it, at least not yet.

Cutting the knot

Two weeks ago, however, I made a very big decision. I gave up my job and sense of security. Why? I was so unbelievably done with it. Not so much the job but with living in 2 worlds. Being constantly busy and wondering if you aren’t missing out on things. No idea if there are perfectionists among the readers, but there’s no doubt. It’s hell on earth, I'll tell you! Moreover, it’s impossible to combine it with a young family with 2 kids. There are moments when I walk outside with the children and I’m continuously grinding on what I shouldn’t forget or which ideas I should put directly into my notes. Whether or not I will lose it completely — now that I’ve quit my job —, I’ll never know, but there will be focus and therefore, more composure.

For all these reasons — and because I’m convinced that I will really succeed as a label — I quit my job. This means that as of 1 June, I am a real entrepreneur. Personally, I see it as never having to go to work again. Very strange, actually. The establishment of my own company is still my hobby, just like when I started it over 5 years ago. I have the feeling that now, the journey is really beginning!


There is also real music there! At least, that's how I always call it. This growth is also the reason that I dare to take this step. The past year has gone by so fast that more than 40 stores have become ambassadors of my label. Although, calling them ambassadors may be taking it a bit too far since not all stores are at the level that I would like, but the beginning is there. More than a start. In June, I want to have at least 50 retail locations and then, I will focus even more on these 50 stores and less on new stores. That means frequent visits, helping with in-store sales, etc. I believe there is a growing awareness, which is easier to accomplish at stores that are already customers. It will all be very exciting, but it’s all worth it to me. It already feels like the best choice I’ve ever made. Apart from starting, of course.

Cari Saluti,

Carlo Lanza