2018, a brilliant year!

2018 was a beautiful year. We’ve grown from 60 to 137 sales points and have arrived in countries such as Germany, Belgium and even Curaçao. Yes, you read that right, Curaçao. Even more special was the commercial that we made, in which my very own brother played a role. We’re so proud! You can watch it on YouTube, but we’ll also share it here as soon as possible.

Hero on Socks

Also worth mentioning is that 2018 was the year we helped the Belgian initiative‘Hero on Socks’ through our contacts in Italy. With their own designs, people raised awareness for Type 1 diabetes by selling socks for this charity.

First collection Spring / Summer '19

Another milestone is my very first collection that I have created. This will debut in the spring of 2019. A new collection with new Carlo Lanza designs, in addition to the many solid colours we have. This collection features fresh designs like socks with strips, diamonds, flowers and dots.

Hard work

Lastly, in 2018, we have also assembled a boxershort line. I still do all of this on my own. From calling customers, product development to visiting customers in several countries. And from packing to purchasing and even partly financing it myself. It’s nice that it’s still going, but I also realize that it’s vulnerable, so in 2019, I will strive to make it work more efficiently.

A lot has happened, as you can see, but above all, I have gained many lovely new customers who have given me confidence and who have also often expressed their appreciation. I am very pleased with that. Hope to see you in 2019! And of course, all the best wishes for 2019.

Carlo Lanza