About Carlo Lanza

I proudly present my own sock label called Carlo Lanza.

Carlo Lanza socks – handmade luxury socks and knee highs

Sock brand Carlo Lanza stand for: craft, Italian quality, exclusivity and personal service. Below, I would like to explain why these aspects are important.

Personal service

I am the face to you as a customer. I strive to answer all your questions personally. So do not be alarmed if I give you call when you have a question. Every now and then, I also deliver an order in person (in the Netherlands offcourse :)). Contact with my customers is very important to me.

Italian quality

All Carlo Lanza socks are manufactured in Italy. Even in the event of future expansion of the product range, the products will always come from Italy. At the moment, I am learning Italian because many Italian ateliers do not dare to step outside their national borders because of the language barrier.


Each pair of socks is made by hand. You can also watch the short film on the homepage where each step of the production can be seen. The finishing touches, the quality, fit, and all the details have been given equal attention.


Exclusivity is very important to me. This is because the label and the products are not suited for mass production and distribution. In addition, I fully trust the select retailers that carry my label. I carefully choose these partners myself. In doing so, I want to ensure that the socks are not available at every street corner, and that way, I can also meet my clients personally.